Personal Best Year Yet

The Best Year Yet® personal plan gives individuals the opportunity for breakthroughs in their individual goals– in personal, family and/or business life. The simple but powerful structure enables you to clearly identify what you want in your life and/or business, and chart a clearly defined path to success and fulfillment, year after year. Team plans all include private individual plans for members, allowing leaders to offer team members the opportunity to strengthen their personal strategic plans and life balance.

Who Should Use Best Year Yet®?

The Best Year Yet® system can be used by people in all walks of life and all ages—individuals, couples, families and groups of people who work together in teams. The basic system asks 10 simple questions that have been perfected over the past 25 years. Because we believe everyone has the capability to have their best year yet, we trust that people will find their own answers to them. In other words, everyone has within them the capacity to have their Best Year Yet!

My work with Marilyn using Best Year Yet has completely changed my life. I now have my own business as an Enrolled Agent with several employees,  and am one exam away from my CPA.  As a mother of a 4 year-old with a very hectic life committed to my family as well as business success, balance is extremely important!  Marilyn has a gift for gently nudging me back on the path towards what I want. Above all, my work with her has helped me put my business and life in a clear perspective and use my time much more effectively. Key aspects of the program are writing it all down, breaking goals down into manageable chunks, and the being accountable to another in our monthly reviews.    

Galina Penokva, GT TaxBooks,

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