Best Year Yet®

The Best Year Yet® is a simple and powerful program created by Jinny Ditzler. Best Year Yet® transforms your ability to achieve goals and live to your potential. It will help you identify what you want in your life and/or business, with a clearly defined path to success and fulfillment, year after year. Used by hundreds of individuals and organizations over the years,  Best Year Yet® is a powerful tool for both individuals and businesses.

The Best Year Yet system has three parts:

  1. Make your plan.
  2. Track your plan.
  3. Become a master at producing results.

It begins with you creating a one-year life or business plan and then using the Best Year Yet® system of monthly reviews to carry that plan out.

Who Should Use Best Year Yet®?

Anyone can benefit from using the Best Year Yet® system —individuals, couples, families and teams. The basic system asks 10 simple questions that have been perfected over the past 25+ years. Click here to contact me for more information.

Best Year Yet provides the three key ingredients for any successful business: focus, alignment and accountability. When you have all three your team achieves extraordinary results!

Joel Deceuster

Marketing Executive, San Jose CA