Family Business Coaching

Family-owned businesses deal with issues rarely discussed in business schools, such as the impact of family dynamics on succession, bringing children into the business, intergenerational conflict, sibling and marital conflict, the impact of death and divorce on families and the impact on the business of distribution of assets following death or divorce.

What I Do

I help family-owned businesses identify and resolve the emotional and relationship issues that impact business wisdom and long-term well-being by working with the “nitty-gritty” issues that bog family businesses down, impede decision making and keep those organizations stuck, such as anger, resentment, unresolved emotions from the past, guilt, disappointment and the lack of ability to motivate the next generation or for the next generation to feel respected and appreciated for their talents.

My clients range from small, locally owned companies to large corporations and are usually individuals seeking to solve a lingering problem within the business or to empower themselves within the business. Frequently, my initial contact is with a family member not involved directly in the business who sees the problem from a distance.

Unlike traditional family business consulting, as a coach, I stay “on the court” until you produce the results you desire. I…

  • Help improve communication,
  • Manage conflict more effectively,
  • Facilitate strategic planning to clarify and align the family’s needs, vision and values with the business,
  • Deal with the emotional issues of succession planning, and
  • Collaborate with family advisors, including wealth managers, estate planners, law firms, exit strategists and other business advisors

How to Work with Me

Contact Marilyn Edelson to arrange a complimentary phone consultation. The next step is a “Discovery session” or series of interviews with key players, after which recommendations are made.

“Marilyn incorporated the best of all coaching techniques. The work she did for us demonstrates her wide range of expertise and skills. Her ability to understand our business environment and processes so quickly proved invaluable in her aptness to identify solutions that support our business.”

Elinor Selame, Co-founder, and Ted Selame, President

BrandEquity International, Newton, MA